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Zombies are playable characters and are exclusive only to Zombie Mode, Bot Match and Survival Mode.


Zombies can be seen in Survival, Bot Match or in Zombie Mode where the player can play as them. They attack their enemies with a claw attack at the player causing damage. One also shoots an electric ball which deals no damage but slows the player down and interferes with his/her vision. In Survival, only one type of zombie can use it but in Zombie Mode, all type of zombies can use it. All zombies in Survival are Bots.

Type 1

This kind of zombie wears blue overalls and is the fastest zombie, but only deals 10 damage. Shoots slowness-inducing fireballs.

Type 2

This zombie wears either a black dress or a black hoodie with jeans. It can be male or female and has the same statistics as Type 1. Does not shoot fireballs.

Type 3

This zombie is obese and wears a pale, stained tan shirt with blue jeans. It is the most powerful of the zombies, but in turn it is quite slow. The game refers to this type of zombie as "Fatty", which was also the prototype zombie for the game.


  • Simply kill all players and turn them into zombies.
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