The XM1014 Shotgun is a shotgun found in Critical Strike Portable.


The XM1014 Shotgun is a semi-automatic shotgun with extremely high power and high fire rate, next to the AWP Sniper. Because of these reasons, it is generally regarded by the community as over powered and is often picked over the latter, especially in Zombie Mode and Survival for its fire rate and light difficulty to use in mid-close combat.

Its notable downsides are that the bullets spread out the farther they go, which can be a disadvantage in far range combat, especially when firing full auto. Its reload can also vary with the amount of rounds left in a magazine and the rounds can be used up very quickly, with just 7 of them.

In conclusion, the XM1014 is a great weapon for mid and close range combat, but should be used wisely.


The XM1014 is perfect for mowing down hordes of enemies at mid-close range. Remaining stationary and hiding is a useful option should an enemy pass by.

Body Part

Primary Attack

Head 168-294
Chest/Abdomen 156
Arms 102
Legs 96
Red signifies a fatal hit


  • Fatal damage to the torso and head.
  • High fire rate.
  • Can shoot while reloading.
  • Can be used to shoot through walls (wallbang).


  • Abysmal at far range combat.
  • Low magazine amount.
  • Reload varies on bullets missing in magazine.



  • It resembles a M1014 Shotgun but with a winter camouflage.
    • The X at the front was the name of the prototype.
  • This is the only weapon in Critical Strike Portable to have a camouflage applied to itself.
  • Originally the shotgun had a different appearance and a different sound. The shotgun was pure black with the cocking handle a gray-ish black.
  • The Shotgun originally costed $500 but was changed to $600 for the current version.
  • In older versions the shotgun had no folding stock, whereas in newer versions it is equipped with a folding stock.
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