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The '''XD .45''' is an automatic pistol purchasable in [[Critical Ops]].
The '''XD .45''' is an automatic pistol purchasable in [[Critical Ops]].

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The XD .45 is an automatic pistol purchasable in Critical Ops.

Description Edit

The XD .45 is a relatively low damage pistol, however, just like most other weapons in the game, the XD .45 can drop enemies in close range with its hail fire of bullets, and also like most other weapons in the game, the XD .45 can drop enemies with one headshot out to medium range. This three-shot potential, coupled with the decent range and fully-automatic fire, the XD .45 makes for a great sidearm to fall back on and can work quite well as a primary weapon too, thanks to its versatility.

Being a pistol, the XD .45 gives the player a high movement speed, allowing the player to traverse longer distances quicker and potentially out of trouble. The XD .45 also has the second-largest capacity of all the pistols, holding an impressive 19 rounds, and reloads are also very swift.

There are only a couple of downsides with the XD .45. While the XD .45 is fully-automatic, its rate of fire is significantly slower than other fully-auto weapons, such as assault rifles and submachine guns. The XD .45 also has a weaker penetration fire, however, the fully-automatic fire can compensate.

Overall, the XD .45 is a strong secondary weapon, and can even be used as a primary weapon, thanks to its fast handling speeds, decent damage, fully-automatic fire, decent range, cheap price, generous starting ammunition supply, and ease of use, making it a very popular secondary choice.



  • Fast fire rate.
  • Cheap at only $500
  • Highest ammo capacity of all pistols at 19 rounds.


  • Bullets spread the farther the distance.
  • Accuracy decreases when going farther.
  • Inaccurate at mid-far ranges.
  • Very low damage per round.


  • This weapon is based on the Springfield XD Compact .45 ACP.

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