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Weapons are the basic forefront of Critical Strike Portable. There are currently 16 weapons in Critical Strike Portable and in Critical Ops.

Weapons can either be bought or picked up from the ground, although in Critical Strike Portable and Deathmatch in Critical Ops weapons disappear if left on the ground too long. Each weapon has a delay after reloading. In Critical Ops, weapons can only be bought in a buy zone.

In the mobile version of CSP (Critical Missions: SWAT) all other primary weapons than the default UMP45 can be unlocked in the main menu gun shop for 24 hours.

Critical Strike Portable Weapons

Image Weapon Type Name Appears in

Glock 19 in CSP.

Pistol Glock 19 Critical Strike Portable

The Deagle in CSP.

Pistol Deagle Critical Strike Portable

The KrissVector in CSP.

Submachine Gun KrissVector Critical Strike Portable

MP5K in CSP.

Submachine Gun MP5K

Critical Strike Portable

The P90 in-game.

Submachine Gun P90

Critical Strike Portable

The UMP45 in-game.

Submachine Gun UMP45 Critical Strike Portable

Uzi in CSP.

Submachine Gun Uzi

Critical Strike Portable

The AK-47 in CSP. Assault Rifle AK-47

Critical Strike Portable

The AUG in CSP.

Assault Rifle AUG Critical Strike Portable

The M4A1 in CSP.

Assault Rifle


Critical Strike Portable

The Shotgun as it appears in CSP.

Shotgun XM1014 Shotgun Critical Strike Portable

The AWP Sniper as it appears in CSP.

 Rifle AWP

Critical Strike Portable

The M60 in CSP.

Machine Gun M60 Critical Strike Portable

Critical Ops Weapons

Image Weapon Type Name Appearance
P250 2.jpeg Semi-automatic pistol P250 Critical Ops
GSR 1911.png Semi-automatic pistol GSR 1911 Critical Ops
MR-96.png Pistol MR 96 Critical Ops
XD .45.png Semi-automatic pistol XD .45 Critical Ops
DualMTX.png Semi-automatic pistol Dual MTX Critical Ops
Mp52.png Sub-machine gun MP5 Critical Ops
MP72.png Sub-machine gun MP7 Critical Ops
P90Ops.png Sub-machine gun P90 Critical Ops
FP6.png Pump-action Shotgun FP6 Critical Ops
Super 90.png Automatic Shotgun Super 90 Critical Ops
SA58 2.png Assault Rifle SA58 Critical Ops
AK-47 Ops.png Assault rifle AK-47 Critical Ops
M4-Ops2.png Carbine rifle M4 Critical Ops
AUG Ops.png Bullpup Assault Rifle AUG Critical Ops
HK417.png Battle Rifle HK417 Critical Ops
SG-551.png Assault Rifle SG 551 Critical Ops
URatio4.png Bolt-action Sniper Rifle URatio Critical Ops
C1F40596-6B97-44D3-BA0C-CFE4B3E6111A.jpeg Semi-Automatic sniper rifle SVD Critical Ops
M143.png Semi-automatic Sniper Rifle M14 Critical Ops
Lightweight sniper rifle TRG-22 Critical Ops
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