For the Winter 2017 exclusive case, see Winterfest Case.


Weapon Cases are a kind of item in Critical Ops that when opened by a player, it will offer them a random weapon skin or a cosmetic knife. Each weapon case costs a certain number of orange credits, depending on the type of case purchased.


To obtain weapon cases, one must have at least 200 credits, which can open one case. For every case opened, the player will be offered a random skin for a random weapon, or in a rare chance, a cosmetic knife.

A free case is offered in the Tutorial for new accounts which have not been previously used to play the game.

Case Types

Standard Cases


Standard cases are the most basic of the cases available. Opening a standard case will most likely offer the player skins of low rarity, and the chances of obtaining skins of higher tiers are very low.

Critical Ops
Drop chances
Tier 1 45%
Tier 2 30%
Tier 3 16%
Tier 4 6%
Tier 5 2%
Tier 6 0.75%
Tier 7 0.25%

Premium Cases


Premium cases are notably more expensive than their standard counterparts, costing a hefty 700 credits, but opening one will guarantee the player a Tier 3 skin or higher. The odds of obtaining high-tier skins are increased when opening one of these special cases.

Critical Ops
Drop chances
Tier 3 50%
Tier 4 30%
Tier 5 15%
Tier 6 3.75%
Tier 7 1.25%


  • Sometimes, cases can be rewarded by entering contests. Example:
    • On May 11, 2017 Critical Force Entertainment initiated a Mother's Day challenge that ended on May 16, to where players would send videos or pictures of their mother figures and tell them how they thought of the game. The top posts were rewarded with weapon cases.[1]



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