The Tutorial is a single player map that guides the player through the basics of the game in Critical Strike Portable and Critical Ops. In Critical Strike Portable, it is only available in the mobile version.

Critical Strike Portable

Critical Strike Portable Tutorial Walkthrough

Critical Strike Portable Tutorial Walkthrough

The tutorial teaches basic techniques and tactics, such as shooting and moving. The player will also be assigned to plant a bomb, defuse a bomb, rescue hostages and kill enemy bots.

The tutorial includes textures and models from various maps, an example being 2013 and the grassy terrain of Assault New.

Critical Ops

Critical Ops Tutorial Walkthrough

Critical Ops Tutorial Walkthrough

In Critical Ops, the tutorial teaches the player basic skills, such as aiming, shooting and moving. It assigns the player to fire at targets, throw a practice grenade into a dumpster and to plant and defuse the C4. After the tutorial is completed, the player will be given 200 credits to teach them how to buy and open cases. The tutorial can be replayed again through the main menu settings.

A possibled map labelled as Factory appears to be based off the appearance of the tutorial map.


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