• Guys I was playing critical strike and then an ad came to introduce me critical ops!!!In the beginning it was difficult but I get used to it and I find it much more realistic!!Great graphics and gameplay but there are some features that will make this game the best by far!! 1> You can add Killcam with a short replay of how the opponent killed you! 2> In deathmatch mode you can add the last kill by showing the last kill through a shory replay¬†! These ate simple features and i have some special that definitely need a lot of work but will make criticak ops the best mobile game!! These features have to do with killstreak!!When a player reaches 3kills in o row he will be able to activate radar for his team which is gonna show where the opponents are for a short time!!When a playet reaches 6 kills in a row he will be able to activate air attack in which an aeroplane will throw bombs in 5-6 places and if opponents are there they get killed!! And finally if he gets 8 kill streak he will be able to activate a small vehicle or drone (i dont know which is easier to be created) and for 40secs he can kill through this but the advantage will be that its gonna have +40% damage and aiming the opponent will be direct!!! i know that the last 2 features are extremely dificult but the other features must be added as well as new arenas and match modes(capture the flag,free for all) I really appreciate you spend your time to read this and if you can answer me!!!

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    • First of all the devs don't work here, so this is not a place to reach out to them. And because Critical Ops is a game based on skill, its unlikely that the overpowered kill streak features would be added. Further proof is that it is not even featured on the Critical Ops Roadmap.

      But you still can share your ideas like the kill replays in the wiki community. Just make an account and share them on your user blog.

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