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It was about time that we added a new weapon to the game and we felt that the game was lacking an early-mid round sniper. TRG 22 is meant to fit that spot. TRG 22 is relatively powerful, headshots kill instantly from any distance and even against Kevlar & Helmet. Body shots aren’t as powerful when compared to URatio but TRG 22 compensates it with a faster rate of fire, preparation and reload time. TRG 22 being a lightweight sniper makes the movement with it faster than with the other snipers or some other weapons in the game. Also, with the release of TRG 22, we added new skins, missions and milestones for the new sniper.
~ Developer's comment[1]

The TRG-22 is a lightweight sniper rifle featured in Critical Ops.


This sniper rifle's general statistics can be considered the in-between for the URatio and the M14. It can deliver a one-shot kill if aimed at the head, but does not possess as much power when aimed at another part of the body. It may take at least two shots to kill an enemy wearing Kevlar & Helmet. The fire rate of the TRG-22 exceeds that of the bolt-action URatio by exactly one second, but does not exceed the semi-automatic M14.





It is based on the Sako TRG


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