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The Super 90 is a shotgun in Critical Ops.


A high damage weapon, albeit not as high as the FP6. However, the Super 90 does still deal out a heavy amount of damage up close. Being semi-automatic, the Super 90 has a much higher rate of fire than the FP6's pump-action nature, allowing for the player to dispense a large amount of buckshot very quickly, resulting in a fast time to kill. The Super 90 also boasts decent movement speed, allowing the user to moderately quickly get into close-quarters areas of the map. The Super 90 also has a smaller hip-fire spread than the FP6.

However, there are some downsides to the Super 90. Its reload speed is very slow, as cartridges are inserted shell by shell. The Super 90 also boasts somewhat lower penetration power than the other shotgun in the category, and as a result, players may experience much more hitmarkers than with the FP6. Being a shotgun, the Super 90 also has a limited effective range, meaning that users need to only use this weapon in close-quarters. Its fairly high price can sway some players to purchase the cheaper, higher damaging FP6 or the more versatile AK-47, the latter being the same price as the Super 90.

Overall, the Super 90 is a high-damaged weapon suited for close-quarters combat, hence its shotgun designation. It boasts an impressive rate of fire and narrow hip-fire spread. However, its limited range, low penetration, and slow reload does hold the Super 90 back.



The Super 90 is a powerful weapon, but with its low magazine capacity, you need to conserve the amount of rounds you have in your magazine. Try this method: Keep your magazine at 4 rounds (at least) between combat. This keeps your with shells for your next target. During downtime, loading one shell and then cancelling the reload allows you to load while keeping your guard up.


Against anyone using the Super 90, use a wide-ranged weapon to counter the Super 90's limited range, such as sniper rifles or assault rifles. Submachine guns require the user to go at medium distances, where the Super 90's devastating damage can reach.


  • It is explicitly based off the Benelli M3 Super 90.
  • If you load up two shells (based on sound) and cancel the reload animation, you only have 1 new round in your magazine.
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