Sunset, a skin for the AK-47.

Skins are a cosmetic feature in the classic version of Critical Strike Portable and a major feature in Critical Ops. In the latter, the name refers to the external appearance of a weapon and in the former, it refers to the player's texture model. Both are purely for cosmetic purposes only and serve no legitimate gameplay function.


Getting a skin in Critical Strike Portable requires the player to:

  1. Choose a preset player model skin in the player profile.
  2. Build up enough money to select a new skin.

Note: These options will not work in the current version and mobile, or if the "Disable Skins" option is chosen.


An M4 with a skin compared to a P250 with no skin.

Getting a skin in Critical Ops requires the player to:

  1. Unlock weapon cases with Credits, which can be earned by watching ads, purchasing them with real money and completing missions.
  2. Pick up a dropped weapon with a skin in matches.
  3. Unlock individual skins using Tokens.
  4. An optional way to get a free skin is to login a new Facebook account that has not been used previously to play the game.

Each weapon skin belongs to a specific tier, with a certain hundred tokens in value. x tokens, again depending on the tier, are offered to the player if a previously owned skin is earned again in the case opening and is also the token price of the skin.

List of Skins

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  • Critical Strike Portable abandoned the player skins in the current version and gave one unchangable skin for each side, except for the coloured players option.
  • The skin cases in Critical Ops previously had the logo of Critical Force Entertainment.


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