The SG 551 is a high-damage assault rifle featured in Critical Ops.


The SG 551 is a high damage assault rifle. Along with the damage output, the SG 551 can kill enemies in three shots out to a mid-range. This good three-shot kill range, coupled with the decent rate of fire makes up one of the most competent assault rifles for use at that distance.

The SG 551 also has the best accuracy components of any fully automatic weapon, so even at longer ranges, spray fire can still be employed with minimal struggle.

The SG 551's key strength is in its unrivalled penetration power, besting even the HK417, URatio, and M14, making armour all but useless against the SG 551 as the bullets completely bypass the effects of the armour; meaning that the SG 551 has the most consistent time to kill of all assault rifles, with the exception of the HK417.

The main general downside is only in Defuse; the price. Being the most expensive assault rifle, buying it is a heavy investment and risk and a player would have to spend a couple of rounds to get the lost money back. This con is a completely dysfunctional mechanic in TDM as all weapons are free, making this weapon one of the prime reasons why the community labels it as overpowered.

Overall, the SG 551 is a strong all-purpose weapon, despite being highly unusual in some circumstances. It has proficient accuracy, moderate damage, decent rate of fire, and unrivalled penetration factors, besides the pistols.


Critical Ops
Body Part

Primary Attack

Unarmored Armored
Head 100 100
Chest 36 36
Abdomen 41 41
Arms 31 31
Legs 25 25
Red signifies a fatal hit


  • All range combat.
  • Heavy damage and penetration.
  • Fast fire rate.


  • Most expensive assault rifle.
  • Spread increases on continuous fire.
  • Medium recoil.



The SG 551 is known for its high damage and penetration power. When using the SG 551, aim preferably either at the head or the torso. This method should down opponents within seconds even when Kevlar is equipped.

Its recoil control is decent, but it is wise to burst-fire at mid-far ranges. Spray only when at close range.


A way to counter the SG 551 is to go at a far distance and attack with an assault or sniper rifle of any choice. Its spread will increase the farther its bullets go, which will give you the advantage.

Try to down the enemy quickly before the SG 551's bullets reduce your health to a low amount or to nothing. A suggestion to do this would be to fire at the opponent's head, since that is the most vulernable body part. Strong weapons like the AK-47, the URatio and the MR 96 are viable options.


  • Due to the only general disadvantage being the high cost in only Defuse, the SG 551 has a reputation in the community as a weapon that required little to no skill.