The SA58 is an assault rifle featured in Critical Ops.


The SA58 is a assault rifle, with moderate damage. At the lowest cost for an assault rifle on offer, this weapon is easily accessible in general. With burst-fire mode built in, along with the very high recoil control, it is efficient in mid and far range combat.

Its only flaw is the second lowest rate of fire in its class, firing only a burst's worth a shot, which can be abysmal at close range combat.

However this weapon should never be underestimated since the weapon is lethal at long range due to its accuracy and range effectiveness. This assault rifle fires 5 bullets per tap.



  • Mid and far range combat.
  • Low recoil.
  • Accurate.
  • The cheapest assault rifle on offer for only $1800


  • Slow rate of fire.
  • Unsuitable for close range encounters.
  • Uses burst-fire instead of full automatic.



Use this weapon preferably at long ranges, as its burst fire goes in a straight line and has very limited spread. Close range combat with the SA58 is not recommended, unless you can aim for the head. Its long effective range makes it a suitable weapon for holding down halls. Always aim for headshots when using the SA58.


If fighting a player with the SA58, use weapons that can work at long ranges, like the URatio and M14 snipers, or with an assault rifle. The AK-47 is great if with burst-fire, or the HK417 with its tap-fire rate. When using sniper rifles, seek cover when reloading or pulling the bolt for the URatio. Short range weapons such as the FP6 are effective against the SA58 due to its ineffectiveness in short range combat.


  • Its based on the DSA SA58 with a grip attached, which is a variant of the FN FAL
  • It is currently the only weapon which can burst fire in the game.


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