Ranked Games are a competitive alternative to casual games. Unlike the latter, on ranked games, players play to receive a rank located on the main menu. This gamemode is unlocked once the player has reached 250 kills.

Matches are set in Defuse mode and and the same objectives are derived from it; eliminate all players or defuse/plant the bomb. Ranked games consist of 10 total players (5 on each side). A game is over once a side reaches 9 wins, unlike 7 in casual games.

Ranked games are the only gamemode used to raise/lower a player's rank. To add on, ranked statistics are shown separately from casual statistics on a player's profile.


A player has two choices to play Ranked:

  1. Play alone.
  2. Play with a group of players. Note: the player needs to invite players into his/her party. The players invited must be online and be on the main menu.


Intitial Stage

Once a player finds a match, they will need to either accept or decline a ranked match. Once accepted, they will then need to wait for all other players to accept, otherwise they'll be redirected to a different match. If the player declines, they will be unable to join ranked games for a short time.


All winning players will rank up one to three points, while all losing players will rank down one to two points.

Differences from Casual/Custom games

Unlike on casual games, a 25 second warm-up is started before the actual match begins. During said warm-up, players are offered the maximum amount of money ($16,000) and are free to buy any weapons. Once players die, they are respawned in one of the map's designated spawn points for either Counter-Terrorists or Terrorists (this can lead to spawn killing). In the warm-up stage, kills and death do not count towards a player's ranked stats.

The player cannot switch sides nor go into spectator mode. If a person disconnects from matches several consecutive times, they will face a "leaver penalty" and wait 2 days to play on ranked mode again. If disconnected from a ranked match, the player cannot join any casual games until the ranked match is finished.

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