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image.jpeg|A Counter-Terrorist holding a P90.
image.jpeg|A Counter-Terrorist holding a P90.

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The P90 is a sub-machine gun found in Critical Strike Portable and Critical Ops.


The P90 is the lowest damage submachine gun on the market. Lower than both the MP7 and MP5, however, it still takes a fair amount of shots to down an enemy in close-quarters. Couple the three-shot kill potential in close-quarters, combined with the highest rate of fire in the submachine gun class, the P90 is the fastest killing submachine gun in close-quarters. It also has a favourable movement speed, giving the player an advantage to get into close-quarters areas of the map. The P90 also has by far the largest magazine size in the game, at 50 rounds, making reloads few and far between if the player is accurate. The P90 also has lower recoil than the MP7.

However, there are some downsides with the weapon. The P90 has a very limited effective range, just like its peers, making it ill-suited to long-range combat, despite the high accuracy. The P90 is also the most expensive submachine gun, at $2200, however, this is still cheaper than a majority of the weapons available.

Overall, the P90 is a versatile submachine gun. Its 50 round magazine is easily the highest in the game, and the weapon also has decent accuracy and an extreme rate of fire, making it one of the most deadly weapons in Critical Ops in close-quarters. However, its range, being a submachine gun, is limited to a mid-far range, and it is the most expensive submachine gun on offer.


Advantages Edit

  • Large number of rounds per magazine.
  • Good in close-combat fights.
  • Moderate price.
  • Can kill a group of people due to high fire rate.

Disadvantages Edit

  • Not suitable in long range fights.
  • High spread upon continuous fire.
  • Magazines are easily drained.

Guide Edit


Submachine guns are generally used in mid-close range and the same should be applied to the P90, because of the fairly large increase of bullet spread upon continuous fire. With the largest amount of rounds per magazine in the game and with the high fire rate, the P90 can be deadly if used against several enemies. However, this should not be used to charge into a large group head-on. Sneaking from behind is also a viable option.


Use a weapon that is either powerful, all-ranged or both. The AK-47 is an excellent example of both qualities and can counter anyone using the P90 with its long range and high damage. Other weapons that can used as a viable counter include the M4, the URatio or the AUG.


  • The submachine-gun resembles a FN P90.


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