Money is an important game mechanism in both Critical Strike Portable and Critical Ops, used to buy weapons and gear. When a player does not have enough money to buy something in the buy menu, the invalid option will be slightly darkened. At times, players are forced to purchase something other than their preferred item due to limitations on money.

In Critical Strike Portable, new players will start with $100 and as they kill more people, they will start to build up a small fortune. A glitch allows players to buy weapons with $0, but it does not allow player skins to be bought with an insufficient amount of money in the classic version.

In Critical Ops, players start out with $800 to spend on either Kevlar or a different pistol than the P250. Money will be received more as a matches are finished but will eventually reset once 13 matches have been won by one side. This feature is completely useless in Deathmatch, as players can purchase weapons for free.

Money can be earned according to the following tables:

Critical Ops

Unlike Critical Strike Portable, money is not saved permanently into a user account.

Action Amount earned
Kill Player $300
Round Money $3200 (win)
$1700 (first loss; increases by $500 for each loss)
Planting/Defusing C4 $1100 (for all Terrorists if planted and/or for the defusing Counter-Terrorist)
$800 (for all other Counter-Terrorists if defused)
Round Start $800


During the pistol match, if players want to save money as much as they can, they should consider purchasing the GSR 1911 or keep the P250 with no Kevlar & Helmet equipped. This way, players can use money earned from rounds (win or lose) to buy other weapons later.

A recommendation would be to spend on the cheapest preferable weapon while fighting to maximize money growth. Or, plant/defuse the C4 to give yourself and your teammates a cash boost.

Critical Strike Portable

Action Amount earned
Kill Player $100
$150 (headshot)
$200 or $250 (double kill)
Kill Zombie Player $500
Kill NPC $10
Capture Flag $2000
Gold Medal (50 kills in multiplayer) $4000
Planting/Defusing C4 $2000
Rescue Hostage $800
Blind player with Flash Grenade $35


As it suggests in CSP, killing NPC bots in single-player mode might not be very efficient in growing money, unless you continuously kill the bots many times. If a player has a total of less than $5000, it is not recommended to purchase weapons. The weapons are quite expensive for that amount and players should resort to using what weapon they have available or by picking up weapons off the ground, which means they should might not go on Classic.

Team Deathmatch is a great place to start, since players can respawn indefinitely or Capture the Flag, since simply retrieving the enemy flag greatly boosts a player's total amount of money. Once a player reaches a satisfactory amount, he/she should be able to purchase weapons.

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