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The MP7 is a small sub machine gun featured in Critical Ops.


The MP7 is a medium power, fast firing sub-machine gun. This moderate damage output in close-quarters, combined with the extreme rate of fire, adds up to one of the fastest killing automatic weapons in the game in close-quarters combat. The MP7 also boasts good penetration, better than that of the MP5. The MP7 also has decent accuracy and recoil control, so mid-range attackers can easily be dealt with with sustained fire. Along with good movement speed, the MP7 is also a very cheap weapon, at only $1600.

There is only one severe downside of the weapon. Being an SMG, the MP7 is abysmal at mid-long range against more powerful and longer-ranged weapons, especially the AK-47, M4, and sniper rifles.

Overall, the MP7 is a strong submachine gun since it boasts good damage, a high rate of fire, better penetration factors than the MP5, a cheap price, proficient accuracy and the movement speed is also favourable. However, it is held back by its limited effectiveness at longer distances.


Critical Ops
Body Part

Primary Attack

Unarmored Armored
Head 89 57
Chest 32 21
Abdomen 36 23
Arms 28 18
Legs 22 22
Red signifies a fatal hit


*High rate of fire


  • Runs out of ammunition quickly


  • It is based on the H&K MP7 (Heckler & Koch MP7 PDW)