Were you looking for the MP5K from Critical Strike Portable?

The MP5 is a sub machine gun in Critical Ops.


The MP5 is a decently powerful sub machine gun, nearly identical in statistics to the MP7. Its power can kill enemy players within one to three shots at the head or full auto at the torso in mid-close range. Like all sub machine guns, it's main advantage is the recoil control making burst fire unnecessary. It comes at a somewhat cheap price, only at $1300.

The disadvantages to the MP5 makes some other sub machine guns more popular. Most notably of which, is the MP5's weak penetration against armoured opponents, resulting in a less consistent time to kill up close than other sub machine guns. The MP5 also has the lowest rate of fire in the category, outmatched by both the MP7 and the P90, although it remains quite high. Its limitation to mid-close range makes far range combat especially difficult.

Overall, the MP5 is somewhat of a decent sub machine gun, have average statistics in most areas. The MP5 does have an extremely shallow price tag, and is tied with the highest damage of all sub machine guns. However, its ranged effectiveness is low, and it has the lowest penetration of all the sub machine guns.



  • Low price.
  • Decent recoil control.


  • Less consistent kill time than other sub machine guns.
  • Lowest penetration of any of the other sub machine guns.
  • Inaccuracy is increased when in long range combat.



The MP5 can be a competent weapon at mid-close ranges. For medium ranges, simply burst-fire (3-5 shots at a time); tap-firing can be used at far ranges and can allow bullets to reach the opponent, however, due to its low damage, it is not optimal. Spraying is only recommended at close ranges.


The MP5 can be countered with any weapon that can shoot at far ranges or one that can deal high damage, or even both. The AK-47 fits into both categories, as it can be used at any distance and can deal several times as much damage as the MP5. Shotguns can also finish off anyone using the MP5 due to their exceptionally high damage. When using a sniper, however it is optimal to stay at least a mid-far distance from the enemy, as the sniper rifles are not meant to be used at close ranges.