For its successor, see the M4 from Critical Ops.

The M4A1 is a carbine rifle found in Critical Strike Portable.


The M4A1 is a moderately powerful carbine. The M4A1 can be mastered for nearly every situation, such as long range or short range combat. For these reasons, the M4A1 is one of the most popular weapons. It has a slightly faster reload than the AK-47. Despite general speculation, the M4A1 has the same statistics as the AK-47.

However, its bullet spread increases upon continuous fire, giving the player a disadvantage when it comes to medium and far range combat. To counter this, burst-fire (3-5 shots at a time).


Body Part

Primary Attack

Head 115
Chest/Abdomen 23
Arms 23
Legs 23
Red signifies a fatal hit


  • Powerful assault rifle.
  • Highly controlled recoil.
  • Can penetrate through walls.
  • Can be used at any distance if used correctly.


  • High spread upon continous fire.



The M4A1 is only slightly more accurate than the AK-47, and should be used wisely. Spraying is only recommended when enemies are within mid to close range. In far range, tap shooting and bursting is recommended. Don't try to spend too much ammunition, because it takes a bit of time to reload.

A thing about the M4A1 is that its bullets can penetrate through walls. Use the M4A1 to wallbang if you think the enemy is hiding behind a wall or other spot.


You can counter an M4A1 user with any other assault rifle, especially the highly accurate AUG or the AWP Sniper to match its wide range. Burst fire or tap fire is recommended with if using an AK-47 against the opponent at far ranges. If at close range, spray moderately at the head or if using the AWP Sniper, quickscope (scoping at the opponent and firing in a split second).

If taking cover, hide behind areas where bullets cannot pass through, preferably behind thick walls in order to dodge its bullet penetration.


  • During the time where Critical Strike Portable was called Counter-Strike Portable, The M4A1 had extremely similar statistics during development stages to the current M4A1 and was fully tinted black and had a different firing sound. The weapon was originally exclusive to Counter-Terrorists.
  • The M4A1 closely resembles a AR-15 rifle with the short clip, but also incorporates features from a Mark 18 CQBR.
  • The M4A1 in CSP has the exact same statistics as the AK-47.