Juggernaut mode is a gamemode in Critical Strike Portable, where a group of Terrorists are assigned to kill a powered up Counter-Terrorist, who is the Juggernaut.


Juggernaut mode is quite similar to Team Deathmatch, where players an endlessly kill each other and respawn, but there is only one powerful Counter-Terrorist and the rest of the players as Terrorists. The Juggernaut is first selected as the host of the server and is opposed by all other players. Once a player kills the Juggernaut, he/she will replace the killed player as Juggernaut.

The Juggernaut has 400 health and faster run speed, making it quite hard to kill. High damage weapons like the XM1014 Shotgun or the Knife are commonly used to reduce the Juggernaut's health faster. Also, the Juggernaut can locate enemies using the radar.

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