Gun Game is a game mode that is played in teams, but all players individually are working their way through all the of the weapons in the game. Each kill accounts towards leveling up to the next weapon on the list.
~ Official description

Gun Game is a gamemode in Critical Ops, released in patch 0.9.6. The gamemode involves players working through their way through an array of guns by killing other players.


It was introduced as an upcoming feature on May 1, 2017 on the Critical Ops roadmap[1], and was then leaked from an official live stream on August 3, 2017. More information about was shown on the official Critical Ops website.[2]


Gun Game puts all players in teams, but every individual will need to kill players to work their way through all in-game weapons. Once a kill is achieved with one weapon, the player will receive the next weapon according to its placement in the weapon buy menu. The game ends once a player has reached 15 kills.


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