You may have been looking for Frag, another explosive in Critical Ops.

Grenades are the only thrown explosive weapon along with the Flash Grenade and Smoke Grenade found in Critical Strike Portable.


Grenades, when thrown, have a fuse of 3-5 seconds before exploding and dealing high damage to opponents near it, including the user. Grenades can also slow down enemies and propel any other projectiles thrown near it.

Unfortunately, the grenade is non-fatal even when it is nearest as possible to the enemy, so another player's grenade has to finish the enemy off. For this reason, its is likely used to injure an opponent so that less ammunition is spent.

It is usually thrown on popular routes or areas with large groups.


  • In 2012, the grenade when thrown, would make the sound "Fire in the hole!" from Counter-Strike and was much more powerful, however due to incidents with Valve, the makers of Counter Strike, they removed it.
  • The Grenade's explosion may go through walls, floors and even ceilings.


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