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|price= $600
|price= $600
}}The '''GSR 1911''' is a suppressed pistol featured in [[Critical Ops]].
The '''GSR 1911''' is a suppressed pistol featured in [[Critical Ops]].
== Description ==
== Description ==

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The GSR 1911 is a suppressed pistol featured in Critical Ops.

Description Edit

The weapon has overall decent and moderate statistics with a steady fire rate and medium damage and accuracy. The GSR 1911 also has great run speed which can be convenient for fast travel across maps. At a price of $600 in Defuse matches, this weapon is handy if short on money and can serve as a replacement for a primary weapon, due to its low cost and decent damage.



  • High damage to the head- can one-shot headshot at close ranges.
  • Third cheapest pistol.
  • Moderate rate of fire.
  • Moderate to high damage.
  • Very quiet firing noise-unnoticeable on radar.


  • Low magazine capacity.
  • Low reserve magazine amount.
  • Slower rate of fire than some other handguns, also slower than automatic weapons.



Firing at the head is the optimal choice, since it has only 8 rounds of ammunition which can be expended relatively quickly. Firing at the torso is also an option, but is usually less effective. Because of its spray-pattern which only goes up and doesn't drift to the sides, fire at a steady pace to control the recoil; this is especially useful when trying to land headshots. This, however, can be difficult, especially for newer players, so practice is recommended.


Use fast-firing weapons such as the XD .45 in a pistol round, or any assault rifle. They all have a magazine capacity that outnumbers the capacity of the GSR 1911 as well as a faster rate of fire. Don't get too close to the opponent, since it will give them a better chance of landing a headshot.


  • The GSR 1911 is one of the weapons included in the tutorial, alongside the AK-47 and the knife.
  • It is heavily based on the real-life Sig Sauer GSR. Before the patch, this handgun featured a standard 1911 barrel. The post-patch model now has the Dead Air Odessa 9 suppressor
  • Along with the AUG and Vector, this is one of the three weapons currently equipped with a supressor.
  • The Critical Ops app icon shows a Counter-Terrorist holding the GSR 1911 without silencer. This was before


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