The GSR 1911 is a supressed pistol featured in Critical Ops.


The weapon has overall decent and moderate statistics with a steady fire rate and medium damage and accuracy. The GSR 1911 also has great run speed which can be convenient for fast travel. At a price of $600 in Defuse matches, this weapon is handy if short on money and can serve as a replacement for a primary weapon, due to its low cost and decent damage.



  • High damage to the head.
  • Third cheapest pistol.
  • Moderate auto-fire.
  • Moderate to high damage.
  • Very quiet firing noise.
    • Unnoticeable on radar.


  • Low magazine amount.
  • Low reserve magazine amount.
  • Slower rate of fire than some other handguns, also slower than automatic weapons.



Firing at the head is the optimal choice, since it has only 8 rounds of ammunition which can be expended relatively quickly. Firing at the torso is also an option, but is usually less effective. Because of its spray-pattern which only goes up and doesn't drift to the sides, fire at a steady pace to control the recoil; this is especially useful when trying to land headshots. This, however can be difficult, especially for newer players, so practice is recommended.


Use fast firing weapons such as the XD .45 in a pistol round, or any assault rifle. They all have a magazine capacity which outnumbers the capacity of the GSR 1911. Don't go too close to the opponent, for it will give them a better chance of getting a headshot.


  • The GSR 1911 is one of the weapons included in the tutorial, alongside the AK-47 and the knife.
  • It is heavily based off the real life Sig Sauer GSR, but also incorporates physical features from the real life Colt 1911.
  • Along with the AUG, this is one of the two only weapons currently equipped with a supressor.
  • The Critical Ops app icon shows a Counter-Terrorist holding the GSR 1911 without silencer. This was before