Flash Grenades or Flashbang Grenades in Critical Ops are a thrown weapon in Critical Strike Portable and Critical Ops. It temporarily blinds enemy players.


Critical Strike Portable

Flash grenades are the only thrown weapon along with Grenades and Smoke Grenades. When thrown, they have a fuse of 3 seconds before exploding and blinding enemy players facing it, including the user. The player earns $35 per player caught, except for the latter. Flash grenades will not work against bots.

Critical Ops

The flash grenade when thrown has a fuse of 2.5 seconds before flashing and blinding all players facing it, including teammates for a shorter time. Unlike Critical Strike Portable, no money is earned from flashing enemies.



  • Temporarily blinds enemies, allowing allies to kill them.
  • Temporarily deafens enemies.
  • Masks the sound of footsteps and gun fire.
  • Can be bought for two in quantity.
  • Cheap.


  • Chance of blinding teammates (Critical Ops only) and yourself if not thrown properly. Lasts for a shorter time than enemies.
  • No real damage to enemies.
  • Enemies can still shoot when blinded.
    • Most likely spray-fire, which can be dangerous at close range.
  • Long fuse time, making it easy to avoid unless popped.
  • It's long throw distance could be disadvantageous when throwing in short corridors.


  • A difference between a Smoke Grenade and Flashbang in Critical Ops is that when thrown, the latter ejects a white stream of light, while the smoke grenade ejects a green stream of light.
  • Unlike other weapons, the flash grenade, the grenade and the smoke grenade are the only bought weapons which cannot be dropped an picked up.
  • Flash Grenades are often used for attacking groups.