DuST is a map featured in Critical Strike Portable and the progenitor to its variants.


This map appears to be based off the Middle East, and has lots of crates for layers to hide behind or jump on. This is one of the most popular maps in Critical Strike Portable, due to its iconity in the Counter-Strike series.


In the map, there are two passageways connecting the two Counter-Terrorist and Terrorist spawns and these are usually the areas where most combat takes place. The Terrorists must go through at least one of the passages in order to plant at the bombsite, while the Counter-Terrorists should preferably guard the bombsite.

One of these passages directly connects the Counter-Terrorist spawn to the doors going to the Terrorist spawn. Usually at the doors there are players throwing grenades and other projectiles to injure or blind incoming enemies. If a Counter-Terrorist, be wary of any Terrorists who decide to rush out from doors with an assault rifle or jump out with a sniper. If a Terrorist, watch out for any occasional enemies hiding in the ramp next to the doors. Do not stay directly in front of the doors as bullets can penetrate through them.

The other passageway connects to the bombsite and the Terrorist spawn at a much shorter length. Counter-Terrorists usually are at the bombsite behind boxes and corners waiting for Terrorists to rush through. Like the long passage, players can be seen throwing grenades to injure or blind enemies. If a Counter-Terrorist guarding the bombsite, hide behind an object while staking out. A Terrorist with a C4 should stay behind company and use those players as scouts to find enemies. It is advised not to rush in this area without a group of allies as there are numerous hiding spots for both Counter-Terrorists and Terrorists.


  • This map is based off of the Counter-Strike map "Dust2", but all paths to the B site have been obstructed.
  • This is the progenitor of its variants, Stone DuST, INDust and Dust2Snow.