In Defuse mode the terrorist team’s goal is to plant the bomb and defend it, while the counter-terrorist team tries to stop them. The round ends when the bomb has exploded or it’s defused. The other possible win condition for either of the teams is when all of the players of the opposing team are defeated.
~ Official description

Defuse is a gamemode in Critical Ops, where players are assigned to either eliminate their opposing team or plant/defuse the C4. This game mode is, as suggested by the game community, a "balanced gamemode" and as such, Defuse is used in favour of tournaments.


The main objective is to kill all enemy players (except for Counter-Terrorists if the bomb is planted) or complete these objectives.

  • Counter-Terrorists
    • Run down the timer to 0:00. Counter-Terrorists win by default (unless the bomb is planted).
    • Defuse the bomb if planted.
  • Terrorists
    • Plant the bomb and hold out until it explodes.


Defuse is very similar to Critical Strike Portable's Classic mode's Defuse the Bomb, but instead it is a gamemode and not a mission. Counter-Terrorists are assigned to defused the bomb whenever planted and Terrorists are assigned to plant the bomb at one of two bombsites. If the bomb explodes, the Terrorists win. If it is defused, the Counter-Terrorists win. If the timer runs out, the Counter-Terrorists win by default.

In casual Defuse, a team has to win 4 out of 7 games. In Ranked Games Defuse, a team must win 9 games.

During the initial match, players can only buy pistols and gear, since they only have $800. After 12 total rounds, players from each team are flipped to the other. Unlike Deathmatch, weapons have to be bought with money.


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