The Deagle is a pistol in Critical Strike Portable and Critical Ops.


The Deagle resembles a IMI Desert Eagle.

The Deagle is the only secondary available in the game along with the Glock 19, but it has higher damage, faster reload and decent accuracy. It has considerable disadvantages, such as a small amount of ammunition and slow fire rate.



The Deagle is a weapon commonly used by snipers to compensate for the slow reload and slow rate of fire. It can be used to accompany a sniper for its rate of fire. Use this to replace the Glock 19 for its higher damage in exchange for the reduced ammunition.


When fighting a Deagle user, avoid getting to close to the player. Try combating the enemy at medium or far ranges, as the Deagle's accuracy decreases the farther the bullets go and its magazine can be wasted very quickly.


  • The Deagle's stats were very similar in early versions and the Deagle was tinted grey.
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