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[[Critical Strike Portable|<br>
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<big>'''<font size=4>Welcome to the Critical Strike Portable Wiki</font>'''</big><br />The collaborative database about [[Critical Strike Portable]] and [[Critical Ops]] that anyone can edit or discuss.<br /><div align="center"><big><u>'''{{NUMBEROFEDITS}} edits,''' '''{{NUMBEROFFILES}} files''' and '''{{NUMBEROFARTICLES}} pages''' since December 6, 2015!</u></big></div>
Created in December 6, 2015, this wiki is about the shooter [[Critical Strike Portable]] and its sequel [[Critical Ops]], where anyone can share, add or discuss their knowledge! Critical Strike Portable is a mobile and PC platform game originally as a port of Counter-Strike 1.6. Enjoy!
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'''This wiki does not have or will have any clan pages as they are plain advertising. It is also new and incomplete, apologies if you cannot find the page you want. '''
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| scope="col" style="width:50px" |[[File:CSPNew.png|150px|link=Critical Strike Portable]]
| scope="col" style="width:50px" | [[File:C-OpsAppIcon.png|140px|link=Critical Ops]]
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| [[Critical Strike Portable]]
| [[Critical Ops]]
| [[Critical Missions: Space]]
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{{Heading|Featured Weapon}}[[File:RemixKnife.png|thumb]]
The '''Remix Knife''' is a cosmetic knife featured in Critical Ops, obtained through opening skin cases. It was introduced in patch as part of the introduction of knife skins.
<br />''[[Remix Knife|<span class="button">Read more...</span>]]''
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{{Heading|Featured Map}}
Bureau is a map in [[Critical Ops]], added in version The map is mainly based on an office theme layout and is designed to act like the headquarters of the [[Counter-Terrorists]] under attack from the [[Terrorists]].<br />''[[Bureau|<span class="button">Read more...</span>]]''
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{{Heading|Featured Gear}}
The '''Silencer''' is an item first added in early patches of [[Critical Ops]] as a gun attachment, but was removed because of skill-based play encouragement. However, it was reintroduced in patch [[Critical Ops patches/|]] as a permanent attachment for the [[GSR 1911]] and the [[AUG]].<br />''[[Silencer|<span class="button">Read more...</span>]]''
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Favourite assault rifle?
SG 551
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{{Heading|Did you know?}}
*...the [[AK-47]] was the first weapon?
*...that [[Plaza]] originally had pictures of [[Critical Force Entertainment]]'s games on its bus stops?
*...that ''[[Critical Strike Portable]]'' was originally ''Counter-Strike Portable''?
*...the map [[Grounded]] was delayed due to dark lighting issues that made players unseeable?
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