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Created in December 6, 2015, this wiki is about the shooter Critical Strike Portable and its sequel Critical Ops, where anyone can share, add or discuss their knowledge! Critical Strike Portable and Critical Ops are part of a series of mobile first-person shooters made by Critical Force.

This wiki does not have or will have any clan pages as they are simply advertising. It is also incomplete, apologies if you cannot find the page you want.


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Featured Weapon

The SG 551 is a high damage assault rifle. Along with the damage output, the SG 551 can kill enemies in three shots out to a mid-range. This good three-shot kill range, coupled with the decent rate of fire makes up one of the most competent assault rifles for use at that distance.


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Featured Map


Brewery is a map in Critical Ops that is based on, as its name goes a brewery style appearance. It was added to the game in patch 0.9.5.

Featured Gear


Compared to the Grenade from Critical Strike Portable, the distance the Frag Grenade can travel has increased and can deal heavy damage. It is usually thrown at groups of enemies. The Frag can also propel any other thrown projectiles near it.

Helping out and Adding Content


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Did you know?

  • need to deal 50 damage to an enemy to count for an assist?
  • ...the AK-47 was the first weapon?
  • ...that Plaza originally had pictures of Critical Force Entertainment's games on its bus stops?
  • ...that Critical Strike Portable was originally Counter-Strike Portable?
  • ...the map Grounded was delayed due to dark lighting issues that made players unseeable?

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I type fast I type fast 15 November 2019

Who actually plays Critical strike portable anymore

Is this category even needed? It's so old!

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RaiderZ RaiderZ 10 September 2017

CS Portable community Discord server

Because of the removal of the official CS Portable forums and the inactivity of the CS Portable forums on Kongregate, some fans have created a community server to keep the discussion and the game community alive.

The server is also run by a few members of the CS Portable mod team.


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