FANDOM was a patch released on June 19, 2016 for Critical Ops which added many new features, including the map Bureau and a new model for the MP7.

Patch Notes

  • Improved Anti-Hack
  • Russian and Portugese translations


  • New map: Bureau[1]
  • AK-47 now more expensive ($2400 to $2600), M4 cheaper ($2900 to $2700)
  • SMGs buffed
  • New skins for URatio and XD45: Transit and Muerte[2]
  • New buy menu[3]
  • New MP7 model and animation[4]
  • Sniping scope is now blurred when inaccurate
  • Knifing an opponent now sprays blood
  • 30 new skins


  • Automatically assigning the default language


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