0.3.7 was a patch released on February which mainly focused on improving gameplay mechanics.

Patch Notes

0.3.7 (February 1, 2016)


  • Movement Speed reduced by 7%
  • Kevlar can no longer be bought seperately
  • Round timer decreased to 100s
  • Bomb timer increased to 40s
  • Flashbangs limited to 1
  • Smoke reduced by 3s
  • Grenade bounciness increased
  • Frag explosion range reduced -10%
  • Throwing grenades is slightly faster
  • New Gun Model GSR 1911
  • Weapons Rebalanced


  • Dead Terrorists receive loss bonus even if the round ends in timeout
  • Resuming the game again from App Icon
  • Improvements:
    • Optimizations
    • More ads for free credits
    • Gun Inspecting for new weapon models
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