Critical Missions: Space was a multiplayer first-person shooter spinoff game off of Critical Strike Portable, except with a sci-fi theme. Unlike the latter, this game was only available on mobile platforms. At sometime, it was removed from Google Play and the App Store.


The game's lore explains that in 2213 AD, beginning at a planet named Randonesius, which was a highly sustainable planet and in it developed a society run by a prison work force, however the prisoners revolted and took over Randonesius, beginning their attacks on Earth. The government named them as "Space Terrorists" and made Space SWAT to counter them.

Like its predecessor, it shared all of its maps and physics. However, sci-fi like weapons replaced the usual selection available (except the AUG and UMP45, which had no counterparts) and the Counter-Terrorists and Terrorists wear futuristic space suits.

There were 8 gamemodes in Critical Missions: Space, just like and identical to Critical Strike Portable's.

  • Classic: Players must eliminate their opposing team, although sometimes, one oftwo scenarios takes place:
    • The Terrorists try to plant the C4. If planted, the Counter-Terrorists have to defuse it.
    • The Counter-Terrorists have to rescue the hostages from the Terrorists.
  • Team Deathmatch: Players on teams kill each other endlessly to raise their kill count until someone achieves a gold medal. There is no legitimate objective.
  • Zombie Mode: A random player is chosen to be a zombie and all others are chosen as Counter-Terrorists. The latter must eliminate all zombies, while the initial zombie player must infect everyone else.
  • Deathmatch: Players kill each other endlessly to raise their kill count until someone achieves a gold medal. There are no allies, as everyone is an enemy. There is no legitimate objective.
  • Survival: Players, as Counter-Terrorists must survive for as long as possible against endless waves of zombies until one of them is the last one standing. That person is the winner.
  • Juggernaut: A player is chosen as a buffed up Counter-Terrorist (the "Juggernaut") to kill all other players as Terrorists. Once the "juggernaut" is killed, the player who killed the buffed up CT becomes the new "juggernaut".
  • Bot Match: Identical to Team Deathmatch, but with bots.
  • Custom: Although not legitimately a gamemode, this is an option to have more server settings to a selected gamemode.


Controls are provided on the touch screen.



  • Unknown space pistol

Assault Rifles


Sniper Rifles