CT Ops

The Coalition (formerly known as Counter-Terrorists) are a playable side and one of the two forces in Critical Strike Portable and Critical Ops.

Their team color is blue.

Critical Strike Portable

Hostage Rescue

  • Rescue all the hostages and lead them to the escape point.

Defuse the Bomb

  • Prevent the Terrorists from planting the bomb. If they do, defuse before it goes off.

Critical Ops


  • Prevent the Terrorists from planting the C4 at any of the bomb sites. If planted, defuse the bomb before it detonates.


  • The Counter-Terrorist logo was used once as the game logo for the open alpha versions of Critical Ops.
  • The CT model in C-OPS resembles a GIGN soldier, a french anti-terrorism group.


Note: For Critical Ops only.

Tossing Frag!
~ Throwing Frag Grenade
Frag out!
~ Throwing Frag Grenade (alternate)
Grenade out!
~ Throwing Frag Grenade (alternate)
Tossing Flash!
~ Throwing Flash Grenade
Flashbang out!
~ Throwing Flash Grenade (alternate)
Tossing Smoke!
~ Throwing Smoke Grenade
Smoke (grenade) out!
~ Throwing Smoke Grenade (alternate)
The bomb has been planted on (A/B).
~ Detecting bomb
I'm defusing the bomb!
~ Defusing the bomb


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