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Clans are an optional feature in Critical Ops and Critical Strike Portable that are identified with tags put before a player's username.


Critical Ops

To join a clan, a player must receive and accept an invitation from a clan leader. Once joined, the name of the clan will show up before the player's username in the scoreboard and kill feed. Creating a clan currently costs 1000 credits

Clans are currently set at a default of 10 free member slots and a maximum total of 50 member slots. Members can purchase more member slots starting at 50 credits, which will add up by 50 as more slots are bought. Only clan leaders are able to invite members.

Critical Strike Portable



To join or make a clan, go to the main menu and click the top right corner and click "View Profile". In a match, go to the game menu and find your username in the player list. Once the profile displays, type a clan name in the "Set Clan" box and click Set Clan.

Any kills from the clan's members will be added to the clan's kill score. Players can also spray their clan name on any surface (T key) to advertise their clan.


When logging in the user can see a menu of their friends and stats. Under the stats has a place where a rectangle can be found. The rectangle is a bar to make/join a clan. After typing in the clan name, there is a button to set your clan.

Unlike PC, you cannot spray your clan name on anything and you can fit more than 5 characters.


  • On mobile, colors can be added to a username via clan tag with hex codes.


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