Capture the Flag or CTF, is a gamemode in Critical Strike Portable, which allows players to defend their flag and capture the enemy flag.


Players are assigned as either Terrorists or Counter-Terrorists and must capture the enemy flag and bring it to their flag in its original spot.

When a player's flag has just been stolen, the enemy can be indicated with the radar or the orange F in the interface while he/she is moving. This allows players the chance to recover their flag. To capture a flag, one must move past the enemy flag and run to their flag. If their flag is not in its original position, the flag will move back to the latter if a corresponding teammate moves past it.

Besides that, the gamemode is identical to Team Deathmatch, as players respawn indefinitely. The scoreboard remains as usual and players can still earn gold medals. The score for each team increases for every capture, not a kill, unlike Team Deathmatch. If there are fewer than 4 players online, no money is offered for capturing flags.


  • This is the only gamemode that requires a minimum amount of players to get a monetary prize.
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