The headquarters of C-OPS
~ Official description

Bureau is a map in Critical Ops, added in patch The map is one of the most popular and iconic maps in the game, even being featured on the main menu screen.

Bureau was ranked as the community's most favorite map on Facebook and on Strawpoll as of July 20, 2017.


Bureau's three main passageways offer both close range and long-range combat. Some of its tight spaces can harbor more concentrations of combat, especially in rooms with large amounts of players. Bureau takes on the appearance of an office and a command center operated by the Counter-Terrorists. The various books and magazines in the map reference many features in the game, such as maps and skins.



There are three main passages in the map; the lounge room hallway, the middle hallway and the long passage connecting T spawn to the break room.

Long Hallway

The passage connecting the break room to T spawn (B long) is the longest path in the map. As such, long-range weapons, especially sniper rifles are used in fights taking place in that area. If a terrorist, hiding behind the plants and shooting through them is a clever option, but you are more at risk if the opponent is using a sniper rifle. If a counter-terrorist, going to this location alone against other groups is not a safe option, since the T spawn location is nearer and offers more chances for terrorists to arrive first.

Middle Hallway

The middle hallway is the most compacted and shortest path in the map and is highly prone to ambushes from several sides. In here, use weapons with high fire rate and/or high damage, along with flash or smoke grenades if needed for assistance.

Medium Hallway

In the lounge room hallway connecting the office near CT spawn, bombsite A and the T spawn area, players can carry weapons of varying ranges. Staying a safe distance away while shooting enemies is recommended when facing large groups. Rush at your own risk.

Bombsite A

For Terrorists, this area can be hard to reach, as Counter-Terrorists can attack from the office entrance on the left and the entrance to the bombsite itself. To add on, this is the farthest bombsite from T spawn.

If a terrorist holding the C4, it is recommended to have a teammate cover you while you plant the bomb. Covering yourself with a smoke grenade's emissions is also helpful.

The same smoke screen technique can also be used to defuse the bomb, although it is recommended that the Counter-Terrorist has supported since Terrorists will likely be camping near the bomb.

Bombsite B/Command Center

Because this area is easier to reach than bombsite A, expect higher concentrations of players. As such, be on your guard for sudden ambushes, especially when you have to defuse or guard a planted bomb.


  • There are empty spaced locations that can be accessed on the upper floor of the map but require multiple players to boost one up.
    • One is on the upper level of CT Spawn.
    • Another is on the upper level on the long B bombsite path.
  • At the Counter-Terrorists' spawn at the blocked off stairs escalating up, an alarm sound can be heard.
  • In the command center (bombsite B), on some of the computers, the Windows 10 error message can be seen.
  • Images and paraphernalia related to the game can be found all over the map.
    • The building's logo is from the Counter-Terrorists' old logo.
    • Critical Force Entertainment's logo can be found.
    • In the command center as labeled, images of maps Legacy, Plaza and Canals can be seen.
    • Magazine stands and books on the map have game-related images and names. These are some of the titles and their references:
      • Airplanes: Step to the Future = A picture of Grounded's plane.
      • Daily CT: How I learned to defuse the bomb = Counter-Terrorists
      • How I stopped caring and learned to love the bomb = C4
      • Lonely Traveller: Top 5 spots in Tokyo = Legacy
      • Of Stripes and Stars = The United States' flag.
      • Office Weekly = A picture of the cafe room.
      • OX = Plaza's A bombsite.
      • Practical Guide = Picture of C4.
      • Skins= Pistol skins.
      • Survival Guide = The long passage towards the B site in this map.
      • The Art of War = May alludes to the book written by Sun Tzu.
      • The Big Book of being Agent = A picture of a Counter-Terrorist with an HK417. The name of the author is James Bont, which is a parody of James Bond. It may also reference The Simpsons character, James Bont.
      • The Counter-Terrorists = Counter-Terrorists.
      • The Giant Book of Map Leaks = A picture of Bureau's terrorist spawn.
      • Tips and Tricks of Bureau = Bureau.
  • The main menu shows the Terrorist spawn in the Bureau.



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Critical Ops - New Map Bureau Trailer

Critical Ops - New Map Bureau Trailer

Map trailer before release.

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