An example is a Kamikaze.

Bots are artificially intelligent NPCs (non-playable characters) designed to act and look like players and only appear in Single Player mode and Bot Match mode.


Bots follow a simple AI to charge in groups, small or large towards opponents and shoot once at a time. Killing a bot rewards the player with $10 in money. Since bots have a simple AI, they can be killed easily, depending on the difficulty set.

However, bots are heavily limited in the case of skill. No bot equips the AWP Sniper as it generally requires a two-step procedure to use, scope and shoot which they cannot complete. Bots also cannot plant or defuse the C4 (except the Kamikaze) as they are only directed to walk around and kill enemy players.

For these reasons, in a case to improve skills, it is recommended to practice in multiplayer servers as experience from teaming up with other players and being killed by or killing tough opponents helps to improve upon current techniques.