The AK-47 is an assault rifle featured in Critical Strike Portable and Critical Ops.


The AK-47 is a high damage assault rifle, with high power and wide range. Boasting large amounts of penetration, the AK-47 is perfect for taking down targets in just a couple of shots and when used correctly, it can one shot kill targets at far distances. It is also one of the weapons able to penetrate through thin walls, making the weapon all but convenient should you wish to wallbang through certain objects. This assault rifle is also one of the most popular weapons in both Critical Ops and Critical Strike Portable.

Its severe disadvantage is its increased bullet spread upon continuous fire, thus leading some players to purchase more accurate weapons like the AUG instead with better recoil control, but for a higher cost. It is also quite loud when firing, a flaw which enemies may decide to exploit to locate the player.

All in all, when used effectively, the AK-47 can prove to be a powerful and deadly weapon.


Critical Strike Portable
Body Part

Primary Attack

Head 115
Chest/Abdomen 23
Arms 23
Legs 23
Red signifies a fatal hit
Critical Ops
Body Part

Primary Attack

Unarmored Armored
Head 120 120
Chest 44 36
Abdomen 50 41
Arms 38 31
Legs 30 30
Red signifies a fatal hit


  • Powerful.
  • Can be used at any distance if used correctly.
  • Can penetrate through thin walls.


  • High spread upon continuous fire.
  • Heavy recoil.
  • Loud.



Its high recoil and inaccuracy make the AK-47 a slightly difficult weapon to use, but once used properly, it can deal high damage. The key is to simply burst (firing about 3-6 shots at a time) or tap-shoot at far distance players which can guarantee critical damage or even a kill. Spray only when at close or mid range. Another one of the best strategies utilized by pro players when using this weapon is crouching. It tightens up the spread and makes this weapon very deadly at close and medium ranges.

Aim consistently at the head, because that is where it deals the most damage, and only requires one or two shots to kill an enemy. Aiming at the legs will take the longest time to kill, risking higher chances of death.


As the AK-47 delivers more damage output per bullet as an assault rifle, and with its somewhat wide range, it can be be a force to be reckoned with. The best way to counter this weapon is to fight at long ranges to avoid its heavy fire, although heed caution as the AK-47 can damage players at that distance with tap or burst-fire.

Aim for the head, as the time to kill the enemy is reduced and the chances of getting hit decrease.


  • It is based off the real life Russian-made Assault Kalashnikov 1947, or AK-47 for short.
    • In earlier versions of Critical Strike Portable, it looked somewhat closer to the AKM assault rifle.
  • The AK-47 was the first weapon added to Critical Strike Portable, once exclusive to the Terrorists.
  • In Critical Strike Portable, the AK-47 has identical statistics to the M4A1, despite popular speculation.
  • In Critical Strike Portable, the AK-47's iron sights are missing in third person view.
  • On the right side of the AK-47 in CSP, the former logo for Critical Force Entertainment and text read as "CS PORTABLE ON MARS STUDIO" can be seen imprinted.
    • Also, the former logo shows a character holding an AK-47.
  • In Critical Strike Portable, an award mistakenly refers the M4A1 as the AK-47.
  • In older versions of CSP, the AK-47 had more black tinted metal. The weapon also had less recoil.
  • The AK-47 is one of the most popular weapons in the game, along with the P90, URatio and Super 90 shotgun.